Welcome back! After a couple of years of focusing on other spots, I’ve decided to fire up my blog again. Why? Because I find I somethings have things to say that *might* not always fit the view or needs of some … Continue reading Adults, Type 1 and Mental Health: Time to shine a light on it all (The one where a successful adult admits to the struggle)

  I love that Timehop showed me this post today. Because … it is still so true. Lauren is now a college graduate working in health care advocacy lobbying on Capitol Hill. She has a great life and is so happy and healthy. And it matters — in that order – still.   Read on:   http://www.despitediabetes.com/the-one-where-i-remember-the-correct-order-happy-fulfilled-healthy/     Continue reading An Oldie but goodie …. on Happiness FIRST