Update on blogger: Retraction, apology, admiration for the DOC and an offer to help educate

April 23, 2012By 7 Comments


Virtual flowers for the blogger -- a thank you for stepping up and making things right.

How great is that?

On Saturday, I posted about an allergy blogger who dissed the Type 1 Diabetes world with an inane comment. On diabetes forums all over, folks were talking about how they’d submitted comments and not had them approved. So I blogged about it, collected the comments and posted it to her site.

Great news. The woman who write the blog, www.alwayssick.com,  responded immediately and not only removed her diabetes statements, but admitted she was uneducated on the topic and misunderstood what diabetes was all about. She also said while she usually approves comments right away, she’d taken a day off from checking her blog and was floored when she finally got on and saw all the comments (I totally get that. It’s the one day you don’t check that you should have, right? Just like Steve Martin’s character in “L.A. Story” and his phony weather report. It would be the one day ever it rained cats and dogs in LA). So once she got wind of all that was going on, she removed her statements, apologized on her blog and here on mine, read every comment and responded to quite a few, and has offered for me to guest blog at her site with a “Diabetes 101” post.

That’s a wonderful response. I think she learned a valuable lesson (make sure you know what you are writing about. Don’t make fun or toss knives at other disease groups).

I think she also saw the power of the DOC. Because you guys really stepped up. And I have to say, rereading the comments everyone put, the DOC might have been angry, but we never overstepped with an inappropriate response. This is one great community. I’ll be sharing the link to the guest post at her blog here.

Thanks, as always, for being the cohesive, active, brave and incredible group that you are. And thanks again to the blogger for correcting her mistake.

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  1. Natasha says:

    That is awesome to hear! That is how awareness is spread by educating one person at a time.

  2. Andrea says:

    I truly belive she is a total class act and I wish all who make blunders handled it with as much grace and compassion as she did/is. Our world would be a better place if everyone was as able to admit their error, apologize and be receptive to education. Thank you, Always Sick Chick.

  3. Kris Bruesehoff says:

    I love when negative things can be turned around to positives so quickly with open communication. This has really brought two communities together so each can learn about the others struggles in a more open way.
    I know two women who have kids with severe food allergies, and though I will never presume to know all that it involves I have thought before how similar it is — we are both dealing with the fears of potentially deadly health issues in our children, both have a constant level of vigilance required, both face some ignorance from the general population,… and we both are probably both thrilled and secretly afraid when our children are invited to a birthday party.
    Thank you to Moira and the original blogger for dealing with this so appropriatly.

  4. Thank you for posting this update, Moira. :) I did learn a very valuable lesson in all of this, which I will also discuss on my blog as soon as I am able.

  5. There is a cute little meme on pinterest that has a T-Rex saying if someone asks you if you can eat that, just respond, why? does it have poison in it? because the only things I can’t eat is poison and cookies laced with poison. When I read that I laughed and told my 7 year old daughter with type 1 to respond to people that way. She thought for a moment and said – “I can’t eat poison, cookies with poison and PEANUTS!” Duh mom! Sometimes worlds collide.

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