The You Can Do This Project: My addition to it (and now it’s time for yours!)

July 17, 2012By 3 Comments

Okay so the amazing Kim of texting my pancreas started this project a year ago. I admit I knew I should do it, but I am sooo bad at looking decent on my mac cam. Lucky me — at Friends for Life they were filming them, so, here is my submission. Okay, I HAD been at the pool just before I did this so excuse the sundress and messy hair. It’s the thoughts that count. And once you view it, view more on her site. Better off: Post your own and share the link here in comments. I want to see them!


You Can Do This Project, Moira


Enjoy and take part!

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  1. Sara says:

    Awesome Moira! Thanks for sharing!

    It was so great meeting you at FFL :)

  2. Andrea says:

    Love you. Seriously.

    And, fwiw, I think you look fabulous.

  3. Jessica Bearak says:

    What an awesome submission to an awesome project. As always, you inspire me. Miss you! Hope to see you soon.


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