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Guest post from my now adult daughter: A letter to her teenage self

July 10, 2014By 8 Comments

    My daughter Lauren, so often the topic of this blog (and the reason for it) graduated college in May and is working at a really incredible company called HCM Strategists in Washington, DC. She is on her way to living her dream of being a health care advocate and maybe some day, POTUS […]

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Our DKA Story (The one I’ve never told to the world before. And the one that scares me to share)

January 7, 2014By 36 Comments

      “The best kind of writing is the kind you really don’t want to write. The kind that scares you. I mean down to the bone scares you.” That’s what one of my professors used to say. Well, Professor Darden: this one scares me. Because it’s raw. Because it’s real. Because it’s opening […]

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DBLog Week Day 5: What I Want You To Know

May 18, 2012By 10 Comments

Today’s D-Blog week topic is simple: What I wish you would know. The idea is to open up about something about life with diabetes on board that I don’t usually share. Here goes.   I am well known in the diabetes world and so is my amazing daughter. We’ve spoken in local and national venues, […]

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