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New Tools: Do they need some Old School back up?

May 28, 2013By 8 Comments

(Note to my readers: Sorry about the break. With the book coming out [Kindle next week; print mid June] and some other things, it’s been busy. But here I am, back again. Thanks for your patience).   My daughter has been doing remarkably well lately with her diabetes care. As she said to me the […]

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Can We Motivate the World With Happiness? (The one where I refuse to be sad all the time)

April 15, 2013By 12 Comments

  Some recent memes, videos and Facebook posts have me thinking: Can we motivate the world to want to help us cure diabetes by making them smile and cheer rather than cry? Or to put it more simply: Can supporting hope be happy? This thought goes way back for me, actually to nearly the beginning […]

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Another D Candle Day: How is a mom to let her child with Diabetes live her life?

March 29, 2012By 1 Comment

It seemed appropriate for me today to repost this – Another D Candle Day. While as always I don’t have a blue candle on my facebook page, I have one (actually A Clara Barton Camp Candle) burning in my heart this week. We’re all remembering an amazing young woman and struggling with how we will […]

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Diabetes as your child transitions to adult: It’s hard to let go

March 27, 2012By 17 Comments

Hi Guys — back from a blog break. I am really hoping to hear from some adults with Type 1 on this one — how much do you still need your parents and expect them to intervene for you? At what age did you begin to not expect accommodations? We parents (mostly me) can learn […]

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