#WEGO #HAWMC Day Four: Why I Write About Health

I am participating in the WEGO prompt week, along with other health bloggers from around the world. It’s pretty cool and you can follow it all at WEGO on twitter and on line! When Lauren was diagnosed on that autumn day almost exactly 14 and a half years ago, one of the first thing my friends said was this: You can – and will – write about this. To which I answered, with no hesitation: Never. Never ever. Writing was something I did to earn a living. It was also something I did because I loved it. I could not … Continue reading #WEGO #HAWMC Day Four: Why I Write About Health

WEGO HAWMC Day 3: Super Powers

Admittedly, I am two days behind in the WEGO health blogging challenge. But those who know me well know I have a sad and acceptable reason to have missed a couple of days (saying goodbye to a D friend we lost this past week). I will be writing on the WEGO prompts this month, and I promise to catch up. But here’s to stepping in and taking up today’s topic: Super Powers. Usually I’d write something pithy and clever. Usually I’d say something silly but meaningful. But today I have one superpower wish to use in the health activism world: … Continue reading WEGO HAWMC Day 3: Super Powers