Can We Motivate the World With Happiness? (The one where I refuse to be sad all the time)

April 15, 2013By 12 Comments

  Some recent memes, videos and Facebook posts have me thinking: Can we motivate the world to want to help us cure diabetes by making them smile and cheer rather than cry? Or to put it more simply: Can supporting hope be happy? This thought goes way back for me, actually to nearly the beginning […]

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Is there a symbol for what we need? (The one when I’m jealous of a pink and red equal sign)

March 27, 2013By 7 Comments

Confession time: I’m jealous. I’m wickedly jealous of an adorable, powerful, perfect little symbol: the pink and red equal sign all over the place this week. Watching the way the pink and red equal sign took over Facebook, twitter and more this week was astounding and inspiring. I posted it early, and almost immediately friends […]

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2013 JDRF Ride to Cure Update: The one where I feel guilty, but power through

February 5, 2013By 3 Comments

I feel so guilty. I am going to go back to hard-core training, work my way up to another century ride, ask friends to donate to JDRF to support that ride, and basically give my heart, soul and a season or two to the cause of finding in a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. And […]

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The power of taking “No” and making it work (advice during the week of the Children’s Congress letters)

February 4, 2013By 9 Comments

It was mid-winter and we were waiting. And waiting. For the letter. My daughter had applied before for JDRF’s Children’s Congress and been rejected. Each time, I’d watched with joy as a few other children from our chapter went off to Washington to represent us. Lauren had been interested in politics and advocacy since she […]

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Introducing Team Outspokin’ and The River of Dreams Tour: Join us now!

December 18, 2012By 2 Comments

It started almost as soon as my Ride to Cure Diabetes effort was complete: friends, new acquaintances and even folks I barely knew started asking me: Can I ride with you next time? But here was the thing: there wasn’t going to be a next time. I did the Ride for Lauren’s 21st birthday and […]

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On World Diabetes Day: Thank you to YOU — the difference makers

November 14, 2012By 5 Comments

Today is World Diabetes Day. Around the globe, people are wearing blue to celebrate and mark the day. Landmark buildings will be awash in blue light tonight. Seminars are being held. At kitchen counters across America and around the world, parents are drawing up vials of insulin or pushing buttons on insulin pumps and thinking […]

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My T1D Day Shout out: To the siblings in this diabetes world. Join in!

November 1, 2012By 8 Comments

This one needs participation — read below and then in the comments, share about a sibling you want to salute and then share this blog with them. Let’s cheer on the folks who don’t always get the praise but always live with T1D along. It’s T1D Day—the first official day of Diabetes Awareness Month. Since […]

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Lauren’s 15-year Diavesary: The one with a storm, some debris, but lots of treasure

October 29, 2012By 7 Comments

  I am sitting in my home office. Outside my double window I can usually gaze at the pond on our property, our town’s quaint historic district and beyond that, the sea. This day I see dark clouds. The trees are already whipping around in that “nature’s got something in store this time!” way they […]

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Diabetes Blog Week Day Three: What I Need to Do Better: Make a Difference

May 16, 2012By 3 Comments

Well, I’m late to the game but I’m here, ready to take part in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week, created and coordinated by Karen at bittersweetdiabetes.com. Each day Karen gives us a prompt to write on. Kind of a bummer my first is today since it’s “What I can do better.” That said, I’ll […]

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Quick hit: some great coverage for my Ride to Cure Effort

May 8, 2012By 2 Comments

Thank you, Gatehouse Media! Today on their website I’m the lead story — and in print it’s a giant half page. Read it here. And if you are feeling in the giving mood today, click on the link I’ll provide after the story link and send a little something to my JDRF Ride to Cure […]

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