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Hope without hype is all we ask (the one when I wish it started differently)

March 5, 2013By 29 Comments

Apparently, silence can be deafening. With Monday’s pre-announcement of some huge news coming the next morning from the Diabetes Research Institute, my in box and text messages and Facebook messages were binging like the pinball machine in “Tommy.” What do you think? Why are you saying nothing? I’d chosen to hold my thoughts until I […]

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Diabetes Cure Research for Dummies….Like Me

April 13, 2012By 0 Comments

  Since I am blessed and honored to be a member of JDRF International’s Speakers Bureau, I have to keep completely up-to-date on research, breakthroughs and the successes (and the not-so-successful). Since most of the bureau is populated with PHD’s from MIT and CEO’s from wicked smaaahhhtt places (as we say in Boh-stun!), it’s a […]

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