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Hey A$$hat! Listen up and listen good (the one where I am so angry I cannot even pick a graphic)

October 21, 2013By 24 Comments

It takes a lot to make me mad during my birthday season. It takes a whole hell of a lot to completely piss me off on my actual birthday. But a$$hats: be proud. You’ve done just that. And while my intention for today was to blow off any work that was not absolutely necessary and […]

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On DOC Hope day: A story recalled

March 1, 2012By 14 Comments

Today is the Diabetes Online Community’s (DOC’s) self-proclaimed “Day of Hope.” Around the world, folks are writing the word “hope” on their hand and posting pics of it for all to see. It’s rather cool, if I might say so myself. It’s kind of like saying “Hope is here – right in the palm of […]

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