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Visit me at “A Sweet Life” Magazine!

May 7, 2014By 0 Comments

I am so delighted to have joined the editorial crew at A Sweet Life — a fantastic on-line diabetes magazine. My first story is up — head on over and check it out here:   http://asweetlife.org/feature/from-burned-out-teen-to-healthy-college-grad-helping-your-child-with-type-1-diabetes/   I also have a fun story on the amazing Cory Vaughn, who is taking on the MLB with […]

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First, last and ‘Security?” (The one where I freak out and forget my own mantra)

February 22, 2013By 16 Comments

It was like déjà vu all over again. Only this time, I was a little surprised at myself. Was I really on the phone with a university official, pleading for cooperation and actually nearly crying (all without my daughter with diabetes even knowing?) Hadn’t we moved on? Aren’t we the masters of the diabetes world? […]

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Diabetes as your child transitions to adult: It’s hard to let go

March 27, 2012By 17 Comments

Hi Guys — back from a blog break. I am really hoping to hear from some adults with Type 1 on this one — how much do you still need your parents and expect them to intervene for you? At what age did you begin to not expect accommodations? We parents (mostly me) can learn […]

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