Quick Scott Brown update: The man keeps to his word

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Just a quick note. I wanted to let you know that Senator Brown has followed through on a HUGE request I asked of him. I told him in our meeting I knew it was a lot to ask but I hoped he would consider stepping up and becoming a leader when it comes to National Institute of Health Funding; and by that I mean not just diabetes funding (although I care deeply about that) but funding to help find cures for all kinds of diseases.

Today Senator Brown did just that, becoming one of the first Senators to sign onto a Senate letter calling for strong funding of NIH programs.

I want to say a public Thank You to Senator Brown. Today is it clear to me that he and his staff truly listened to my daughter, husband and me when we met with him. Feel free to add you thanks to him on this blog — his staff is reading!

Score one for a future with CURES in it.

And thank YOU, Senator Brown, for listening to our pleas carefully and then taking action on them.

17 thoughts on “Quick Scott Brown update: The man keeps to his word

  1. As a registered voter in MA, I am very pleased to hear this news. I called Senator Brown’s office this morning to encourage him to sign the Casey-Burr letter in support of NIH funding. I am so glad to know that he hears our concerns and supports our goals in Washington.

  2. Thank you Scott! I’ve got a double whammy in my house. My son’s a T1 diabetic and I ended up with seizures. So funding for both those areas would be welcome!

  3. Yay! I am so grateful for Senator Brown’s presence, and leadership, on this issue. Although I don’t live in Massachusetts, my 31-year diaversary with type 1 diabetes is on Monday. I appreciate hearing this good news about research that can make our lives better and easier, and that will also save many health care dollars when d-related complications are prevented. Thank you!

  4. Thank you Senator Scott Brown!
    From a concerned parent with an 8 year old daughter living with Diabetes.
    It sure is a daily struggle, but we are hopeful for the future!

  5. This is wonderful, it makes me so happy to see more people supporting people find cures for these horrible dieases that so many people living with.

  6. That is very encouraging. Thank you for all the work you and your family do, and thank you Senator Brown for listening.

  7. Senator Brown, THANK YOU! As the mom of a daughter with 3 rare disorders that receive no funding from NIH, (we do our own fund-raising for research) this is very important to children, adults and their care-givers!

    Cheryl Dwyer
    Weymouth, MA

  8. Moira – you are awesome!!
    Thank you Senator Brown for stepping up and being the first to support NIH funding!!

  9. Thank you Senator. There are many dreadful autoimmune illnesses afflicting many and this could be hopeful to many!!!

  10. Thank you, Senator Brown, for your support of NIH funding to cure diseases including diabetes. I grew up in MA and my parents are still there.

  11. Thank you Moira and family. We also have T1 diabetes and epilepsy in our family (and cancer if you count our family outside these 4 walls). There’s so much that CAN be done if we support medical research. Thank you.

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