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Diabetes Blog Week Day Three: What I Need to Do Better: Make a Difference

May 16, 2012By 3 Comments

Well, I’m late to the game but I’m here, ready to take part in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week, created and coordinated by Karen at Each day Karen gives us a prompt to write on. Kind of a bummer my first is today since it’s “What I can do better.” That said, I’ll […]

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Home to some great news

May 15, 2012By 0 Comments

Hi Guys! First of all, I will be joining in on the annual Diabetes blog Week fun as of tomorrow. Driving to DC and back to bring Miss Lauren (now officially a college junior!) home took me away from things for a bit. But I have to share! As most of you are aware, I […]

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Never mind the Time Cover: Let’s talk about how you “Mom Up!”

May 13, 2012By 2 Comments

The Time cover! The Time cover! It is the buzz in media today, which must make the limping magazine quite happy. I’m not in any way interested in debating what age you should breastfeed until or what attachment issues mean. (I will confess to feeling my jaw hit the floor when a friend recently nursed […]

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Quick hit: some great coverage for my Ride to Cure Effort

May 8, 2012By 2 Comments

Thank you, Gatehouse Media! Today on their website I’m the lead story — and in print it’s a giant half page. Read it here. And if you are feeling in the giving mood today, click on the link I’ll provide after the story link and send a little something to my JDRF Ride to Cure […]

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On the Journey and the Fear and the Weight of it all: A Memoir that speaks to us all

May 7, 2012By 0 Comments

  I don’t read “diabetes” into every moment of my life. I have a rich existence outside this D-world, filled with cool magazine assignments, back country skiing, cocktails at my beach and yacht club and yes, reading book after book after book. But parenting a child with diabetes does add a thick layer of my […]

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The Cynic and the Whale

April 30, 2012By 6 Comments

  This is the story of the Cynic and the Whale. I ask you to put your own cynicism aside and let me know what you think.   Okay, I’m no big believer in all those “out there” things, like clairvoyance and soothsaying and all that. I was raised a cynic (by a civil engineer […]

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Foreshadowing and my child: Hints about how this life would go

April 29, 2012By 5 Comments

Okay I was short the other day, so now you’re gonna pay! Just kidding. Kind of. I hope this story interests you. And when you are done, please share your “hints of greatness” you’ve seen in your child, loved one or yourself before D-world welcomed you aboard.   Some D-Moms were asking one another an […]

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Twist on a Meme: My take on this life

April 27, 2012By 2 Comments

  Just a short one today (I bet you’ll thank me for that!) I have been reading the meme a lot of D-Moms and D-Dads are sharing right now on the challenges of that role. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. I decided to put my twist on it because I do think that while we all […]

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It’s Thirsty Thursday! Win a Road to the Cure collectible!

April 26, 2012By 0 Comments

That’s right: It’s THIRSTY THURSDAY!! That means you can donate to my ride to cure diabetes effort and have a chance to win again today! Thirsty Thursday is a weekly one-day extra fundraiser — all you have to do is donate $10 (or more is a…lways welcome!!) today and you will be entered to win. […]

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Visit me over at

April 25, 2012By 0 Comments

Hi guys Allergy Blogger Jen has posted my guest blog on Diabetes 101 over there. Take a visit HERE. I know there is only one graph on Type 2, and sorry for that. I had to limit my words and chose to focus on what Type 1 is and mention Type 2 and a few […]

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