It’s Thirsty Thursday! Win a Road to the Cure collectible!

That’s right: It’s THIRSTY THURSDAY!! That means you can donate to my ride to cure diabetes effort and have a chance to win again today! Thirsty Thursday is a weekly one-day extra fundraiser — all you have to do is donate $10 (or more is a…lways welcome!!) today and you will be entered to win. Tomorrow morning I will draw the winner and announce them here. And I ship your prize FAST! Just ask last week’s winner, Katie Black. So this week’s prize is very special — and almost priceless! I’m going to send you these two collector’s item “diabetes bears.” Rufus and Ruby — these are the old-school ones; Ruby isn’t made in any way anymore! The tags even have the old long-ago JDRF Logo (to remind you how long we’ve been working for a cure and how far we’ve come!) They’ll be sent along with an adorable mug with some sugar free cocoa. Everyone wants Ruby — today you can get one! Go to


Here is what you’ll win (along with the cup and cocoa!) Note: this is not the current Rufus, and Ruby is no longer made. The tags are the former JDRF Logo — but that makes it cooler if you ask me — one day you can donate them to the “There Used to be a Think Called Diabetes Museum.”


Classic Rufus and Ruby -- you literally cannot get one anywhere -- but here with a donation today! Hope you win!

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