It’s FOOTBALL TIME! (The one when my FFL Draft is D-influenced)


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I had my Fantasy Football League draft last night. Last year was my first year. I got there and quickly realized I had no clue what Fantasy Football actually was or how a draft worked. I was surrounded by folks who study it. They had notes. And print outs. And projections. And a strategy. I had …. my Lilly Pulitzer Planner. Ummm yeah.

So, being quick on my feet, I decided to choose my team name first. I chose “Guys With Cool Names.” And then, throughout the draft, I chose … guys with cool names.

No. Really: that’s what I did. And I came in second place, taking home some decent cash. Go figure.

This year I didn’t do as well. We’ll see how my season goes because I think I messed up. But I DID make some choices based on diabetes. Here are two recent stories I did for Sanofi’s “The DX: The Diabetes Experience” site that explain why. I hope you enjoy them — and follow these players. Oh. I also am thinking of changing my team name, given how I kind of blew it last night. Thinking: Blonde Moment. Could be the championship name.

Read on:

WILL PERICAK Joins Baltimore:

TOM CRABTREE on love, football and diabetes:

4 thoughts on “It’s FOOTBALL TIME! (The one when my FFL Draft is D-influenced)

  1. Sadly, Will Pericak was released by the Ravens in late August. BUT, he was picked up by the Chargers practice squad. So Holly Michael – your son should find him – they have two T1Ds now. They might be my new favorite team.

    And now I want to order my 8 year old T1D son a Byrne jersey!

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