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August 8, 2011By 2 Comments

Yeah, yeah. You start a blog, you owe it to your readers to keep on bloggin’ on.

But before I am anything else — skier, writer, author, tennis player, troublemaker at beach club parties, first in line at steak on the lawn night at the yacht club, I am “Mother of my kids.” And this week, my kid with diabetes needs me by her side at the “Do It Program.”

Today was day one and I thought it was pretty fantastic. There were a few things my daughter and I chortled about but overall, I think this is a really great idea. So I’m checking out and focusing on her and the program.

I promise to report back once it was done. It should be interesting to anyone interested in diabetes, the treatment of diabetes and what I consider to be a worthy need: more covered education for people with diabetes.

Hope you understand. Catch you in a few.

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  1. Katie says:

    Wow! I didn’t know parents got to go.

  2. moiracmcc says:

    People have either a spouse or a friend or a parent — one girl is alone because she says its time she figures things out alone. I’m very excited to share about this once it is done. So far, I’m kind of impressed (and I am keeping very quiet if one can imagine such a thing)

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