Readying for the JDRF Death Valley Ride: The one where I give YOU all the credit

October 13, 2015By 2 Comments

It’s time for me to gather all my ride gear and pack it again. This time my destination is Death Valley, California where I’ll be riding with a great group of advocates determined to kick Type 1 diabetes in the butt. I’m excited to see them all and feel the amazing vibe of teamwork toward […]

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An Oldie but goodie …. on Happiness FIRST

January 3, 2015By 0 Comments

  I love that Timehop showed me this post today. Because … it is still so true. Lauren is now a college graduate working in health care advocacy lobbying on Capitol Hill. She has a great life and is so happy and healthy. And it matters — in that order – still.   Read on: […]

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Introducing: Hope Jars and your chance to “join me” on the JDRF Ride to Cure (The one where I REALLY hope you’ll join the fun)

June 12, 2013By 3 Comments

“Say it out loud or write it down. It’s the first step toward making it real.” I don’t remember who the person was who said that to me when I was a kid, but it stuck. I’ve used that advice so many times in my life. Like saying this: “I want to be an editor […]

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The One Where I Go All “Public Service” (or: a plea during flu season to the world)

January 10, 2013By 16 Comments

It was “parents watch day” at my youngest daughter’s dance school and everyone was excited. Every other dance class week, parents drop their kids off and do errands or wait for the hour in the small waiting room; no peek into what was going on inside. But this was the week before the holiday break […]

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What I learned on my Ride to Cure Effort Part 5: The one where I get lucky

October 14, 2012By 3 Comments

  It’s almost here. Nearly a year ago I started thinking to myself … maybe. Just maybe. Six months ago I clicked on the link, signed up and made the first donation myself. JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes. Death Valley, California. I didn’t own a bike. I’d not been on one (other than those cute […]

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Using Words Wisely: They Really Do Matter

September 16, 2012By 17 Comments

It was driven into my head during the very first days we experienced life with diabetes (or life knowing diabetes was with us now. I still think if I’d been a more astute mom she could have been diagnosed three weeks prior. But I digress). From the first days on the hospital floor, doctors and […]

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Children’s Congress 2013 Applications are out! Why your child should apply

August 10, 2012By 1 Comment

This past week, JDRF announced their selection of the newest Children’s Congress Chairmom and also launched the application process for Children’s Congress 2013. Big news in the diabetes world, if you are a family with a child with T1D. And yet, the program and all it entails is still new to many. Since I was […]

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Diabetes 101: Primer for the Friends and Family of the Newly Diagnosed

July 2, 2012By 9 Comments

    The message came this weekend: a young woman who has long known she’s one of my personal heroes was facing a new challenge in her life and her adorable son’s life: helping him adapt to a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. I was so glad she reached out to me immediately. I hate that […]

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Hey D Families: It’s time for a Diabetes Vacation for the Caretakers. No guilt allowed.

June 25, 2012By 4 Comments

There’s something I say often, and I truly believe it: I can never take time off from continuing to work toward a better life and a cure for diabetes, because – put simply – my daughter never gets a moment off. But that’s not entirely true about me. Because over the years, I’ve learned a […]

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It’s Thirsty Thursday! Win a Road to the Cure collectible!

April 26, 2012By 0 Comments

That’s right: It’s THIRSTY THURSDAY!! That means you can donate to my ride to cure diabetes effort and have a chance to win again today! Thirsty Thursday is a weekly one-day extra fundraiser — all you have to do is donate $10 (or more is a…lways welcome!!) today and you will be entered to win. […]

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