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New Book Annoucement: A title, a pub date and a ton of deadlines!

August 28, 2012By 6 Comments

A long time ago I told my agent in no uncertain terms that I would never write a book on raising a child with diabetes. Okay, well, my book on raising a child with diabetes remains a best seller five years later, and while I’ve not taken a cent from those sales (they go to […]

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On the Journey and the Fear and the Weight of it all: A Memoir that speaks to us all

May 7, 2012By 0 Comments

  I don’t read “diabetes” into every moment of my life. I have a rich existence outside this D-world, filled with cool magazine assignments, back country skiing, cocktails at my beach and yacht club and yes, reading book after book after book. But parenting a child with diabetes does add a thick layer of my […]

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