Diabetes Awareness Month

Is there a symbol for what we need? (The one when I’m jealous of a pink and red equal sign)

March 27, 2013By 7 Comments

Confession time: I’m jealous. I’m wickedly jealous of an adorable, powerful, perfect little symbol: the pink and red equal sign all over the place this week. Watching the way the pink and red equal sign took over Facebook, twitter and more this week was astounding and inspiring. I posted it early, and almost immediately friends […]

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Undiagnosed diabetes and a plea to take action (The one where I go all public service a again)

March 8, 2013By 38 Comments

A week ago today, a 13-year old boy who lives in a normal middle class town and has smart, caring parents and who is surrounded by teachers and nurses and coaches a friends, died of the complications of undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. And it happens all the time. When it happens, people say all kinds […]

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What we can all learn from Sandy .. and Diabetes (The one where I laugh at smashing both my cars at once)

November 20, 2012By 2 Comments

  This morning I was thinking about a few friends who have been terribly impacted by Sandy. They’ve lost almost all they own; they’ve been homeless and adrift for weeks. Every day they look out at the neighborhood they called their own heaven and see a nightmare sight. The pain they’ve endured has been ridiculous, […]

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On World Diabetes Day: Thank you to YOU — the difference makers

November 14, 2012By 5 Comments

Today is World Diabetes Day. Around the globe, people are wearing blue to celebrate and mark the day. Landmark buildings will be awash in blue light tonight. Seminars are being held. At kitchen counters across America and around the world, parents are drawing up vials of insulin or pushing buttons on insulin pumps and thinking […]

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My T1D Day Shout out: To the siblings in this diabetes world. Join in!

November 1, 2012By 8 Comments

This one needs participation — read below and then in the comments, share about a sibling you want to salute and then share this blog with them. Let’s cheer on the folks who don’t always get the praise but always live with T1D along. It’s T1D Day—the first official day of Diabetes Awareness Month. Since […]

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