Guest post from my now adult daughter: A letter to her teenage self

July 10, 2014By 8 Comments

    My daughter Lauren, so often the topic of this blog (and the reason for it) graduated college in May and is working at a really incredible company called HCM Strategists in Washington, DC. She is on her way to living her dream of being a health care advocate and maybe some day, POTUS […]

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CWD Friends for Life 2013: My own personal take-aways (the one with fast-talking, handstands and emeralds)

July 17, 2013By 7 Comments

If you are anywhere on the internets where the Type 1 diabetes community lives, you heard of Friends for Life this past week. If you weren’t you need to listen up. Because really, Diabetes Mom Stacey Nagle has it right when she calls it the “Woodstock of diabetes.” The love, the excitement, the entertainment, the […]

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I Held Hope In My Hands (The one were my daughter raises her hand and says “Let it be me”)

April 5, 2013By 23 Comments

Since Lauren was diagnosed way back in October of 1997, I’ve insisted we do two things consistently: not let diabetes steal our joy in life, and focus on “visualizing hope.” The first one has been a challenge but I’d check off “well played!” so far in our lives. The second? It’s not been easy. Hope […]

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What I learned in my JDRF Ride to Cure Training, Part 4: (The one where good friends remind me they are still here)

September 24, 2012By 7 Comments

I don’t even remember how I found out about it, since I’m new to cycling. I think I may have just been google searching to find supported rides in the greater Boston area. In any case, this past Sunday morning I got up bright and early (have I mentioned I am not a morning person) […]

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A Happy Birthday Message to my Daughter With D: What I’ve learned from you

September 4, 2012By 19 Comments

A note to my readers: Lauren turned 21 on Sept. 2. She is off Facebook for a month because of a leadership role she has taken on in her sorority. So she’s not getting all that on line facebook love we all get on our birthdays now. I hope you’ll read this and then use […]

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Friends for Life Recap: Why it works so well

July 26, 2012By 14 Comments

What follows is my attempt to explain what’s great about CWD’s Friends for Life Orlando. There is so much that happens there. If you were there and feel I missed something, please add it in the comments section! Thanks so much. Okay so first of all, it isn’t like I’ve never been in a place […]

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Hey D Families: It’s time for a Diabetes Vacation for the Caretakers. No guilt allowed.

June 25, 2012By 4 Comments

There’s something I say often, and I truly believe it: I can never take time off from continuing to work toward a better life and a cure for diabetes, because – put simply – my daughter never gets a moment off. But that’s not entirely true about me. Because over the years, I’ve learned a […]

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Diabetes Blog Week Day Three: What I Need to Do Better: Make a Difference

May 16, 2012By 3 Comments

Well, I’m late to the game but I’m here, ready to take part in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week, created and coordinated by Karen at Each day Karen gives us a prompt to write on. Kind of a bummer my first is today since it’s “What I can do better.” That said, I’ll […]

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Riding On Insulin and the joy of setting kids with D free

March 15, 2012By 13 Comments

A note to friends and family and readers in general who have been to ROI — I hope you add your thoughts to the comment section so more folks can learn all about ROI! Okay this is going to sound so very selfish, but one of the first things I wailed at Lauren’s endocrinologist at […]

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