21+15=105: An epic birthday planned: Blinged-up Hope!

April 9, 2012By 1 Comment
I’m doing this for my crazy, happy gal who knows that sometimes — a cat IS the hat!

Okay, okay. I was kind of an anti-ride person back in the day. But you know — a lot has changed. The folks who care deeply about it have tightened things up and made it run like silk.

And slowly, my life has changed. Back in the day, when Lauren was little, we could form a walk team and expect, without worry, at least 120 walkers and $30k raised that day. Now she’s a young adult, and most of her good friends are, like her, far away in college. It’s just not easy to do a walk team anymore.

At the same time, as you’ll read in the link below, we are coming up on a huge milestone. My baby girl will be 21, and at just about the exact same time, her diabetes will be 15. I need to do something remarkable; something meaningful and impactful. So I’m going to ride. Ride 105 miles through Death Valley. Ride to CURE diabetes. Please click on and read. I hope you’ll find it in your heart to donate today –even the smallest donation is HUGE so don’t be shy…… just do it.

I want to work up to the fall and make Lauren’s 21st one that not only makes her smile, but helps change the world. Here’s the link. More to come later — such as AMAZING auction items and more ways to give again (in ways that will not hurt you!)

I am doing this for Lauren. But I’m also doing it for us all. If you have someone you love who needs a cure — please donate. If you are blessed enough to not have diabetes in your life, please donate. If you are in a good mood and just wanna share, please donate. If you are in a lousy mood and need a lift, please donate.

I deeply appreciate ANY donation, and hope you’ll consider doing so a few times between now and October — did I mention I decided to do this before the ride date was set — and the Ride is on MY birthday? Chills. Here goes:

Ride to Cure


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  1. Maggie says:

    I’ll be cheering you on, all the way!!

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