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January 5, 2012By 6 Comments

I love those “25 Things You Don’t Know” columns in magazines, I figured I’d do a blog kind of like them. And I’ve been thinking lately how we all know one another mostly by our “D-Monikers,” and don’t know a lot about the rest of our lives. So today, here is a peek into the rest of my world. I encourage you to comment at the end and share something funny or amazing or shocking or interesting about you that the rest of the DOC (or I) may not know. Having a little fun (we’ll be back on the serious topics soon enough). Here goes, my nod to yellow journalism, ala “Us Magazine,: 25 Things You Might Not Know About Me.


  1. I’m obsessed with pocketbooks. They don’t have to be expensive. They just have to be really, really cool. (But expensive is okay too).
  2. I worked as a crime reporter for many, many years, doing the night shift for a daily newspaper and a radio station.
  3. I cannot seem to ever get my walk-in closet ship shape.
  4. While most people know me as “Moira from Massachusetts,” I actually grew up in Edina, Minnesota.
  5. I could eat brussel sprouts every day.
  6. Before diabetes came into my life, I was President of the American Cancer Society because I believed in “tithing my time.”
  7. I was PTO President too, and raised the most money our PTO ever had (and I believe ever has since then).
  8. I once almost went to jail for refusing to reveal my sources on a story. Seriously – the TV cameras were outside my house waiting for the judge’s decision.
  9. I met my husband when I was a teenager. That seems crazy to me now, even though we’ve been married 28 years. (As he told a friend once: “15 happy years!” and the friend said, “I thought it was 25.” And he said, “like I said: 15 happy years!” Ha.
  10. I stood up on fifth grade career day and announced I was going to work as a writer for Ski Magazine. The teacher told me to choose a “more realistic goal.” I write for Ski Magazine.
  11. I was once fired from a tiny weekly newspaper and told by the editor I had “no future in journalism.” Soon after, I was hired by the New York Times company. That firing was one of the best career moves I ever “made.”
  12. I used to be able to do a back handspring into a split on skis.

    Proof of #12.

  13. If I could be anyone for a week, I’d choose Gwen Stefani. Or Hillary Clinton right now. Or Lindsey Vonn on a race day.
  14. Once, when I was covering a trial for AP radio, I got to say the word “penis” on the radio. Live. And I didn’t even giggle.
  15. If I could start life over again I’d go into Improv comedy. No lie.
  16. I was never a David Cassidy or Donny Osmond girl. I was more of a Petty and Springsteen kinda gal.
  17. I was once given a surprise award at a national JDRF event and when they called me to the stage and handed me some beautiful flowers I said “I cannot believe I am actually Miss JDRF! I want to thank my pageant coach, the good Lord and the inventors of Spanx.” After, one of the JDRF staff asked me if that had been scripted. Ummm  …. No. Like I said, improv.
  18. I’m addicted to In Touch and People. It’s a sickness.
  19. I have never watched the Oprah show. Not even once.
  20. My first book was on the history of women’s golf. I researched for two years and loved every minute of it.
  21. I write an entire section of a daily newspaper every week. That’s about 4,000 words. A week.
  22. I love to play doubles tennis and an extremely competitive (in my mind). That said, any day on the courts is a good day. I did not learn to play until I was 35.
  23. I still love old Neil Diamond music. (I just try not to picture him in that jump suit).
  24. If I could start my life over again and there was no such thing as Improv, I’d be a baseball writer. I know so much about baseball, my friend call me “Stats.”
  25. I want a cure for diabetes more than 1-24 combined. Oops. You already knew that.

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  1. Maura from Townsend Rd says:

    Very enjoyable blog today,.Mona from Medina. I remember you used to write some extremely funny articles for that little local paper. I used to laugh and laugh. But you’ve come a long way, baby!

  2. Rachael says:

    omg lol!!! love this!!

    ok how about this: My son is named after a firefighter from the 9/11 attacks. We live in PA of course he lived in NY.. To this day my son has a strong NY accent. Where did he get it from who knows, his teacher this year called me and asked me if we just moved here from the city.. I responded no Joey has lived here his whole life its just his angel talking! ok it gets better!! I almost lost my lil boy 2 times in his short life & he is only 7. Once when he was 3 months old and aspirated on formula and another one year ago when he was life flighted and diagnosed with D.. So every night I look up and say Thanks you Joe for saving my boy another day!!

  3. Tara Golden says:

    OMG Moira I love you! And the way you write! I believe you have been emailing with my mother in law- Karen Golden- she contacted you for some “D” information :)
    I have 3 boys- each one completely different. Before “D” (Will was diagnosed last Feb15th) we were consumed with info about ADHD- which Will also has. Now we are balancing that and diabetes- and at 9 years old, he is such a trooper and we couldn’t be more proud of him. In our 1st year of diabetes, we have been a part of teams that have raised over $20,000 for diabetes- we are pretty proud of that!
    We are now finding out info about dyslexia which seems will be our middle son’s battle. Our littlest guy keeps us laughing with his 3 year old antics and thank god for that! Never a dull moment!
    In my spare time- lol- I have a photography business that I am building- slowly :)
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  4. michelle says:

    hahahaha…. surprisingly I knew a LOT of these…. it is 16, 22, and 23, and of course 25 that have bonded us for eternity!~ LOVE YOU

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