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New Tools: Do they need some Old School back up?

May 28, 2013By 8 Comments

(Note to my readers: Sorry about the break. With the book coming out [Kindle next week; print mid June] and some other things, it’s been busy. But here I am, back again. Thanks for your patience).   My daughter has been doing remarkably well lately with her diabetes care. As she said to me the […]

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Finding MY own way through D-Mama Life: The one where Dr. Dude sets me straight

May 7, 2013By 5 Comments

  A wonderful, passionate, hard working and inspiring D-Mama I know wrote a blog this week. Okay, she writes her blog all the time. But she wrote THIS ONE this week. I went to comment and realized I had way more to say. So with all the love and hope and respect in the world, […]

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