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Dear Carter: You’re a superhero, and so are we (The one when I need ALL to comment and support a great boy)

April 18, 2013By 38 Comments

  DOC and others: A great young man named Carter is having a hard time and doubting he can rule the world with diabetes on board. Please, please, comment below and tell him how you are, how you have and how he will! Let’s help this wonderful boy. Dear Carter: This note is to inform […]

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Can We Motivate the World With Happiness? (The one where I refuse to be sad all the time)

April 15, 2013By 12 Comments

  Some recent memes, videos and Facebook posts have me thinking: Can we motivate the world to want to help us cure diabetes by making them smile and cheer rather than cry? Or to put it more simply: Can supporting hope be happy? This thought goes way back for me, actually to nearly the beginning […]

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WIN a copy of MY NEW BOOK: Two months before release! (The one where I hope you’ll try — and share!)

April 12, 2013By 0 Comments

  Okay first of all, I’m not going to bury the lead here because I don’t want you to miss the main point. (But I will go into detail after so please, read on!) Here’s the news: You can win the amazing right to be the ONLY person to get a copy of my upcoming […]

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I Held Hope in My Hands, Part 2 (the one with Anna, her Awesome Abs and the APP Trial)

April 9, 2013By 9 Comments

Last week I shared how I HELD HOPE IN MY HANDS, and to be honest with you, I’m still kind of buzzing with a totally feeling of – to go all Guilana Rancic on you – amaze-balls. I honestly mean it when I say that while I’d truly been in on the discussion and idea […]

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I Held Hope In My Hands (The one were my daughter raises her hand and says “Let it be me”)

April 5, 2013By 23 Comments

Since Lauren was diagnosed way back in October of 1997, I’ve insisted we do two things consistently: not let diabetes steal our joy in life, and focus on “visualizing hope.” The first one has been a challenge but I’d check off “well played!” so far in our lives. The second? It’s not been easy. Hope […]

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The TRUTH: (The one were I say suckity suck suck more than once)

April 2, 2013By 36 Comments

  I was sitting with my daughter with diabetes and chatting with a person who has known her all her life. Lauren was in town for a quick visit and I have to say it: she looked great. We were talking about life and friends and some kids we know who are going through a […]

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