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Is there a symbol for what we need? (The one when I’m jealous of a pink and red equal sign)

March 27, 2013By 7 Comments

Confession time: I’m jealous. I’m wickedly jealous of an adorable, powerful, perfect little symbol: the pink and red equal sign all over the place this week. Watching the way the pink and red equal sign took over Facebook, twitter and more this week was astounding and inspiring. I posted it early, and almost immediately friends […]

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Undiagnosed diabetes and a plea to take action (The one where I go all public service a again)

March 8, 2013By 38 Comments

A week ago today, a 13-year old boy who lives in a normal middle class town and has smart, caring parents and who is surrounded by teachers and nurses and coaches a friends, died of the complications of undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. And it happens all the time. When it happens, people say all kinds […]

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Hope without hype is all we ask (the one when I wish it started differently)

March 5, 2013By 29 Comments

Apparently, silence can be deafening. With Monday’s pre-announcement of some huge news coming the next morning from the Diabetes Research Institute, my in box and text messages and Facebook messages were binging like the pinball machine in “Tommy.” What do you think? Why are you saying nothing? I’d chosen to hold my thoughts until I […]

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Diabetes and determination: An old — but good — story about strength

March 3, 2013By 7 Comments

  A newer d friend of mine – actually 2013 JDRF Children’s Congress Chair Angie Platt – had just posted about her morning. Her son with diabetes had awoken – as everyone with T1D does at times – with high blood sugar that would just leave most of us wanting to crawl under the covers […]

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