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Mountains, the ugly cry and then the realization (The one when I must learn to fly too)

January 26, 2013By 5 Comments

It was early in the morning and I was in the base lodge of Taos Ski Valley, a mountain that looked to be a morph of everything I love on snow: cowboy-ish, woodsy, steep and natural; old school but enough modern to keep things moving. The sun was going to peek out over the mountains […]

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The One Where I Go All “Public Service” (or: a plea during flu season to the world)

January 10, 2013By 16 Comments

It was “parents watch day” at my youngest daughter’s dance school and everyone was excited. Every other dance class week, parents drop their kids off and do errands or wait for the hour in the small waiting room; no peek into what was going on inside. But this was the week before the holiday break […]

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The one where I remember the correct order: Happy, Fulfilled, Healthy

January 3, 2013By 12 Comments

Having finally finished the draft of my upcoming book (thank heavens!) yesterday was the first “normal” work day I’d had in a long, long time. Normal usually means I have three or four magazine and newspaper stories I’m working (this time of year they are almost always about skiing, my true love and career). Generally, […]

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