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New Book Annoucement: A title, a pub date and a ton of deadlines!

August 28, 2012By 6 Comments

A long time ago I told my agent in no uncertain terms that I would never write a book on raising a child with diabetes. Okay, well, my book on raising a child with diabetes remains a best seller five years later, and while I’ve not taken a cent from those sales (they go to […]

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The DO IT Program, one year later (the one when I relfect on what we’ve learned)

August 15, 2012By 7 Comments

A year ago this week, my daughter with diabetes and I were at what she chose to call diabetes rehab, but what the world calls the Joslin’s DO IT program. At the advice of her endo, Dr. Wonderful, we dragged ourselves out of bed at dawn and fought the commuters to get to Boston by […]

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Children’s Congress 2013 Applications are out! Why your child should apply

August 10, 2012By 1 Comment

This past week, JDRF announced their selection of the newest Children’s Congress Chairmom and also launched the application process for Children’s Congress 2013. Big news in the diabetes world, if you are a family with a child with T1D. And yet, the program and all it entails is still new to many. Since I was […]

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Ride to Cure Training Update: The one with full moons, angels, and irrational pb and j cravings

August 9, 2012By 8 Comments

Every time I do a training loop for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, I learn something new. Sometimes it’s funny; sometimes it’s awesomely random; sometimes it’s deep. The other day, I got a little bit of everything. Call this the potpourri of ride revelations post. Here goes: *The tougher road makes the easier road, […]

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