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Finding the answer to the question: What does hope look like? (The one when I’m profoundly moved)

July 29, 2012By 7 Comments

I’ve been searching for the answer to a question for many years now; pretty much as many years as Type 1 Diabetes has been a part of our lives. The question is this: What does hope look like? I’m talking visible, tangible, “I can reach out and touch this” hope. I’ve searched a lot of […]

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Friends for Life Recap: Why it works so well

July 26, 2012By 14 Comments

What follows is my attempt to explain what’s great about CWD’s Friends for Life Orlando. There is so much that happens there. If you were there and feel I missed something, please add it in the comments section! Thanks so much. Okay so first of all, it isn’t like I’ve never been in a place […]

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What I’m learning (really) from my JDRF Ride Training

July 19, 2012By 15 Comments

As always, I used my JDRF Ride to Cure training ride today as time not just to get my legs and body ready for a 105 mile one day ride, but to noodle over things I have deep in my mind. Today, I was thinking about what it might be like to be inside my […]

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The You Can Do This Project: My addition to it (and now it’s time for yours!)

July 17, 2012By 3 Comments

Okay so the amazing Kim of texting my pancreas started this project a year ago. I admit I knew I should do it, but I am sooo bad at looking decent on my mac cam. Lucky me — at Friends for Life they were filming them, so, here is my submission. Okay, I HAD been […]

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Friends For Life Part 1: My personal start

July 9, 2012By 19 Comments

I’m not a huge fan of writing about me, me, me. But I just feel like I have to share this. I promise the next post this week will be all about FFL from soup to nuts! It was the first Friday of December and my husband and I were driving through the bitter dark […]

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Diabetes 101: Primer for the Friends and Family of the Newly Diagnosed

July 2, 2012By 9 Comments

    The message came this weekend: a young woman who has long known she’s one of my personal heroes was facing a new challenge in her life and her adorable son’s life: helping him adapt to a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. I was so glad she reached out to me immediately. I hate that […]

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