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Another D Candle Day: How is a mom to let her child with Diabetes live her life?

March 29, 2012By 1 Comment

It seemed appropriate for me today to repost this – Another D Candle Day. While as always I don’t have a blue candle on my facebook page, I have one (actually A Clara Barton Camp Candle) burning in my heart this week. We’re all remembering an amazing young woman and struggling with how we will […]

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Diabetes as your child transitions to adult: It’s hard to let go

March 27, 2012By 17 Comments

Hi Guys — back from a blog break. I am really hoping to hear from some adults with Type 1 on this one — how much do you still need your parents and expect them to intervene for you? At what age did you begin to not expect accommodations? We parents (mostly me) can learn […]

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Riding On Insulin and the joy of setting kids with D free

March 15, 2012By 13 Comments

A note to friends and family and readers in general who have been to ROI — I hope you add your thoughts to the comment section so more folks can learn all about ROI! Okay this is going to sound so very selfish, but one of the first things I wailed at Lauren’s endocrinologist at […]

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An injury, some pain and a new respect for adults with Type 1

March 7, 2012By 3 Comments

It all started the last Monday of January. It was just past 6 p.m. and I was walking through my gym locker room, on my way to my super-crazy, over-the-top ridiculously-hard two and a half hour spin class. I was wearing my brand spanking new bike shoes and chatting with a friend. It hit me […]

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On DOC Hope day: A story recalled

March 1, 2012By 14 Comments

Today is the Diabetes Online Community’s (DOC’s) self-proclaimed “Day of Hope.” Around the world, folks are writing the word “hope” on their hand and posting pics of it for all to see. It’s rather cool, if I might say so myself. It’s kind of like saying “Hope is here – right in the palm of […]

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