D-Mom Action Figure: Master of the ER

(A note to my faithful readers: I apologize for the time between posts at this time of year. In my “real life” I work as a ski and adventure writer [poor me] and I travel quite a bit. I hope you understand, and see it as a example of not letting diabetes stop you from living your life. Come spring, I’ll be tired of my turtlenecks and back to more frequent posts.)  The post showed up on my facebook wall last night. And even though it had not an italic or bold face word, I could hear the emotion through … Continue reading D-Mom Action Figure: Master of the ER

Today is a GDD — Great Diabetes Day

“So, Mom: You write about the rough days. Are you going to write about this good day?” Abso-freakin-lutely, Lauren. Abso-freakin-lutely. Yesterday was Lauren’s endo appointment, her first one since going to “Diabetes Rehab” (her name for it, not mine!) last August. Because she’s far away in college, it’s not easy to schedule endo appointments. And she was stressed out leading up to it. “Mom. You won’t let them send me to a mental hospital, right?” To which I said, “Lauren! Where would you even get that idea?” “Oh, I dreamt it last night.” So yeah, she was a bit on … Continue reading Today is a GDD — Great Diabetes Day

Our Diagnosis Story

We Diabetes parents and patients tend to tell our “war stories” when together, and the one that resonates most is always the diagnosis story. I’ve decided to share ours today. Feel free to share yours as well. I never sent my kids to pre-school. Or, as I learned to say after suffering the wrath of well-intentioned moms on the playground after my first child did not go (“She’ll never catch up! You’ve put her at such a disadvantage!”), I like to say, “I home-school pre-schooled.” My reasons were varied. I worked in a home office but had an amazing nanny … Continue reading Our Diagnosis Story

Community: Can we make it “real?”

  Today I find myself, for reasons outside of this blog, thinking about community. Not my town or my church or temple, but the “world” I joined more than 14 years ago: the Diabetes World. Back when Lauren was diagnosed, there pretty much was no online world. There certainly were no diabetes bloggers. It was so long ago; in fact, I can remember looking up “juvenile diabetes” in the Yellow Pages. Man, that’s like Fred Flintstone stuff. In any case, I found myself, for a good long time, with just about no community at all. We’d met one other family … Continue reading Community: Can we make it “real?”

25 Things: A fun post day

I love those “25 Things You Don’t Know” columns in magazines, I figured I’d do a blog kind of like them. And I’ve been thinking lately how we all know one another mostly by our “D-Monikers,” and don’t know a lot about the rest of our lives. So today, here is a peek into the rest of my world. I encourage you to comment at the end and share something funny or amazing or shocking or interesting about you that the rest of the DOC (or I) may not know. Having a little fun (we’ll be back on the serious … Continue reading 25 Things: A fun post day