Do only beautiful people get Type 1?

And today’s question is: How come only cute kids and fabulous adults get diabetes? I’m only kind of half kidding. I think it every time I read a goggle alert about another PWD doing another amazing fundraiser or advocacy event. I take note of it every time I read one of the fab blogs by adults with Type 1. Seriously: should the study into the cause of Type 1 look at this? Or perhaps better said: Which comes first, the incredible person or the diabetes? It was a question that had clearly been on my daughter’s mind for quite a … Continue reading Do only beautiful people get Type 1?

Diabetes strong/Diabetes weak: I’m both

Sometimes I find it amazing; the power diabetes can have over our – at least my – very being. It can pick me up and show me how tough I can be. It can knock me flat and show me how powerless I am at times. It makes me strong; it makes me weak. And heck, I’m just the parent. Imagine how it can mess with the actual patient? So, a few examples of diabetes making me weak and making me strong.  Diabetes makes me strong when I figure out a way to get people to want to donate toward … Continue reading Diabetes strong/Diabetes weak: I’m both

A Salute to the Siblings: Join in

Readers: I think it would be wonderful if this week we all say a special thank you to our children without diabetes or our siblings or friends we know who are siblings of someone with diabetes. Forward them this blog – but first use the comment section below to say “Thank you” to them. Let’s get an honor roll of amazing siblings going here. It was the kind of brisk October afternoon that seals the deal for me loving New England, but this particular day, I wasn’t noticing it a bit. We were just 24-hours into the hospital stay from … Continue reading A Salute to the Siblings: Join in