When award-winning reporter and magazine writer Moira McCarthy's daughter Lauren Stanford was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the start of her kindergarten year,

Moira thought two things:

"The world as we know it is ending." and then, "I'll never write about diabetes."

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

It's diabetes awareness month, and since it's kind of diabetes awareness year ... or decade(s) for me, I don't post about it every day. But take a gander at these stats.

You see a successful young adult, savoring life and rocking her career. You see laughter and friends. You see spin class and doing the JDRF Ride with her mom and helping others and being a crazy gal sometimes.

This is what she doesn't show. This is why I work so hard toward a better future, and for prevention so none of you or your loved ones have to have this in the "background." Soak it in. Seems overwhelming, yes?

And yet, it is the life she must live until better treatments (they've come some and more are coming thanks to donors like you!) and a cure.

21 Years of Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Lauren is in her 21st year of living with Type 1 diabetes. I am nowhere near stopping pushing as hard as I can for a cure. That means riding -- again! But To earn your support this year, I"m adding another thing: a half-marathon!

I am hoping, after all these years, you will know that your investment in my dream is paying off in dividends. Better tools, smarter insulin, medications to offset complications are not just a dream but a reality thanks to you.

And if I train hard enough this year, we will see even more breakthroughs.